Kopecky Family Band's highly anticipated debut full-length Kids Raising Kids was released on October 23rd. This adventurous, self-released record is the culmination of five years progress for the band, both creatively and in terms of the chemistry that makes these six individuals a family. Kelsey Kopecky explains, “It’s a time capsule of all the experiences we’ve had since we started playing together.” Gabe Simon, whom Kelsey founded the band with adds that this is the record where the band has “finally found it’s voice.” It’s a record that will allow fans to “take home the live experience” they’re so widely revered for.

1. Wandering Eyes
2. Heartbeat
3. My Way
4. Are You Listening
5. The Glow
6. Change
7. Hope
8. She’s The One
9. Waves
10. Angry Eyes
11. Ella