The day is here and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share our sophomore album with the world. This album was a work of love made at home in Nashville.

Unlike our first album, “Kids Raising Kids” which was written during sound checks on tour, we were able to take time off the road and make a record while sleeping in our own beds. The result is something quite special and moving. Everything from guitar tones to lyrical content is coming from a place of rest and overflow even in the midst of crazy life changes and personal evolutions.

“Drug for the Modern Age” asks more questions than gives answers. In this day and age we are all struggling to find a sense of ease and happiness in the midst of war & disease. We see addiction to drugs, alcohol, technology, ageless beauty & want what we can’t have. But at the end of the day true fullness can be found in a greater love and appreciation for all things. Recognizing we are all connected. To me, that’s the Drug for the Modern Age.
-Kelsey Kopecky

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